UMU Genotoxicity Test Kit

MOLTOX® UMU Genotoxicity Test Kit protocol was adapted from ISO 13829 “Water Quality- Determination of the genotoxicity of water and waste water using the UMU test”. The MOLTOX® UMU Kit provides components to perform both aqueous and chemical tests based on the user’s needs. This includes sufficient materials to test for 6 unknowns in triplicate analysis of 4 concentrations, with and without S9. Salmonella typhimurium TA1535 (hisG46, rfa, uvrB) has been modified to contain the plasmid pSK1002. This plasmid contains the gene umuC fused to a lacZ reporter gene. If genetic lesions are formed when exposed to potentially genotoxic compounds, the umuC gene is induced as part of the bacterial SOS response. Due to the lacZ-umuC fusion and the accompanying lacZ-encoded β-galactosidase activity, genotoxic induction can be detected by the colorimetric change of ONPG substrate (colorless) to o-nitrophenol (yellow).