E. coli Mutagenicity Test Kit

The materials contained in this E. coli Mutagenicity Assay Kit include virtually all of the supplies necessary for the conduct of the assay as described by Green & Muriel, Mutat. Res. 38: 3, 1976. We strongly recommend that you carefully read this paper before you attempt to perform the assay. The MOLTOX® E. coli kit contains two tester strains; WP2 trp (72-187L) and WP2 trp uvrA (72-188L). Each strain was constructed with a lesion (tryptophan mutation) in the tryptophan operon. WP2 uvrA also contains a lesion in a DNA repair-coding gene (uvrA) that increases sensitivity to certain mutagenic activities. The MOLTOX® E. coli Mutagenicity Test kit includes sufficient components for testing 1 unknown sample, in triplicate analysis of 5 concentrations, positive and negative controls, with and without S9.