About Us

Founded in Maryland in 1986 and later settled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, MOLTOX® has been and continues to be a leading manufacturer of products used in Genetic Toxicology, Industrial Microbiology, Environmental Biology and Molecular Biology. Through the dedication and commitment of our longstanding team, we have assisted customers around the world in their pursuit of testing, research and development in each of these fields. Our customers have come to rely on the MOLTOX® name for our high-quality products and continued commitment to facilitate their work now and in the future.

MOLTOX® manufactures products used in mutagenicity tests. Our products and services for human risk assessment include MOLTOX® minimal glucose agar plates, top agars, Salmonella and E. coli tester strains, frozen and lyophilized S9, MUTAZYME™, NADPH-regenerating systems and positive control chemicals. MOLTOX® offers Salmonella and E. coli test kits in plate incorporation and fluctuation test formats. We also provide our SOS/UMU assay kit, which is designed for use with solid and aqueous environmental samples.

MOLTOX® is also a well-respected manufacturer of prepared bacteriological media including nutrient, selective and enrichment media used in industrial, environmental and molecular microbiology. MOLTOX® observes the highest standards in the production and packaging of prepared media.