MOLTOX® µAmes Kit

This kit allows the Ames bacterial mutation test described in OECD guideline 471 to be performed in a miniature, 24-well plate format. This version is ideal for non-GLP evaluation of genotoxicity, as a pre-screen at an early stage of compound development or when test material supply is limited or for training purpose. The microAmes (μAmes) version of the test accurately predicts the outcome of the subsequent GLP study with similar sensitivity, uses a very low amount of test article (often important during early development), and can be performed by an individual on a single day without special equipment. Since both the standard and μAmes method use nearly the same procedures, results from the micro method can be extrapolated to those expected for the standard Ames test. The MOLTOX® µAmes Kit includes sufficient components for testing 1 unknown sample, in triplicate analysis of 8 concentrations, positive and negative controls, with and without S9.