Phenotype Test Kit

The MOLTOX® Phenotype Test Kit has been specially designed to confirm all the phenotype characteristics listed by the OEDC in any of the E. coli and Salmonella strains used in the Ames test including:  Amino-acid requirement, presence/absence of the pKM101 R-factor plasmid, presence/absence of the pAQ1 plasmid, rfa deep mutation, uvrA and uvrB repair deficiency. This test uses a single plate per strain, takes only a few minutes and can be performed alongside a standard Ames test using any type of agar. This kit provides enough material for 6 tests. Results are available the next day. 

The Phenotype Test Kit is manufactured using the highest quality components, material preparation, strain characterization and procedures closely follow formative guidelines. Each batch of materials is thoroughly tested before release and is accompanied by Quality Control and Formulation Statements.