Ames II™ Kit by Bio Reliance®

The Ames II™ Assay is a second generation bacterial reverse mutation assay developed as a predictive screening assay for genotoxicity. The assay, a modification of the traditional “Ames Assay”, was developed in Dr. Bruce Ames’ laboratory at the University of California-Berkeley. The traditional Ames assay has been modified to permit the assay to be used as a high-throughput screening assay that requires very small amounts of test article. The assay is based on the detection of the presence or absence of mutants in each of many microwells as measured by cell growth. The Ames II assay can detect both frameshift and base-pair substitutions under both nonactivation and exogenous (S9) metabolic activation conditions. Frameshift mutations are detected using the traditional TA98 Salmonella strain. The different types of base-pair substitutions are detected utilizing six Salmonella typhimurium strains specifically engineered for the assay. The six strains are combined into a single culture called TAMix. The TAMix strains have a lower spontaneous reversion frequency compared to the standard Salmonella tester strains which makes it easier to utilize a microplate fluctuation format. The two strains are plated in triplicate 384-well plates. Wells are determined to be revertants if the indicator medium undergoes a change from purple to yellow or a colony is clearly visible in the well. This kit provides sufficient material to perform the test on 1 unknown sample in triplicate analysis of 6 concentrations, positive and negative controls, with and without S9.