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Mutagenicity Assay Kits


Part # Description Size Pack Price
32-102 32-102 -- Ames II™ Mutagenicity Assay Kit by BioReliance™. This kit includes materials required to perform a microtiter plate fluctuation test using Salmonella typhimurium TA98 and TAMix (TAMix consists of a mixture of strains TA7000 through TA7006). Mutations arising due to frame shift events are detected by TA98. TAMix includes individual TA7000 series strains responsive to each of the several possible base-pair substitution events. each Call for Price
  Component Description      
  STDisc™ TA98 and TAMix (32-71098 and 32-71001, 2 discs/strain/vial)      
  Ampicillin (32-26007, 50mg)      
  Growth Medium (32-26003, 100ml)      
  Exposure Medium (32-26001, 100ml)      
  Indicator Medium (32-26005, 300ml)      
  MUTAZYME™ - 30% S9 Mix (11-401.3L, 3.25ml)      
  4-Nitroquinoline-N-Oxide (32-60127, 50µg)      
  2-Nitrofluorene (32-60111, 100µg)      
  2-Aminoanthracene (32-60107, 125µg)      
  Software disc (32-90002) and instruction manual.      
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