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Custom Manufacturing

Since 1986, Moltox has provided its clients with a broad array of custom manufactured products to satisfy their unique needs. These products have included a water testing kit specifically designed for use by NASA on the international space station, buffers and reagents intended for HIV vaccine development and media used in allergy medication research..

Historically, Moltox custom manufacturing has tended to fall under three broad categories; media, reagents and S9.


Moltox manufactures custom media for a variety of applications in genetic toxicology, industrial bacteriology and molecular biology.

In genetic toxicology, various investigators have found that Ames assay performance can be influenced by modifying minimal glucose agar (MGA) composition. In response to this, they have chosen to introduce modifications that tend to optimize assay conditions in their laboratories. In contrast to many other major media producers, Moltox works closely with its customers to satisfy their specific requirements for custom media. For some examples of our work, please consult the associated PDF.

In the field of industrial bacteriology, Moltox manufactures custom media for a variety of applications. These include environmental testing, contamination control and sterility assessment. Custom variations include fill size, vessel type and formulation (e.g., surfactant concentration).

LB agars have long been the media of choice for maintaining and propagating E. coli in molecular microbiology procedures. Application of such LBs generally involves the use of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Moltox currently offers a wide variety of LB agars containing antibiotics in various combinations and concentrations. And, unlike other producers, Moltox does not require customers to place a minimum order for such products. A full list of our custom LB agars is available in PDF format (See attached PDF).


Moltox also manufactures custom reagents for use in industrial and genetic toxicological settings. Examples include specially designed regenerating systems for use in Ames testing, custom buffer preparations (e.g., Tris-HCl, sodium acetate, potassium phosphate) and chemicals filled to specification. As with our agars, no minimum order size is applied.


We are the world's leading producer of post-mitochondrial supernatant (S9). All parameters of the S9 production process – species, tissues, buffers, inducing agents and fill size – can be custom tailored to meet our client’s needs. For example, a pharmaceutical laboratory seeking to test the genotoxicity of a new compound might ask us to use their material as an inducing agent in the production of S9. A contract research organization, by contrast, may simply require that our stock S9 be supplied in a non-standard fill size.

S9 comes in two formats: lyophilized (for ease of storage in a standard freezer) and ultralow temperature frozen. Minimum order sizes may apply.

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