µAmes Kits Item # 31-500

Now Available - 1/23/15 - µAmes Kit - Item # 31-500 ... more info about, "µAmes Kits Item # 31-500"


Moltox is recognized as the world’s leading producer of S9. ... more info about, "S9"

Custom Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of custom products to meet the unique needs of our customers. ... more info about, "Custom Manufacturing"

Minimal Glucose Agar

Moltox minimal glucose agar can be found in genetic toxicology laboratories worldwide. ... more info about, "Minimal Glucose Agar"

Mutagenicity Assay Kits

Moltox offers Moltox FT, SOS/UMU, Ames II (BioReliance) and Ames Assay Kits. ... more info about, "Mutagenicity Assay Kits "

Product Catalogues

Download our 2012 genetic toxicology and bacteriological media product catalogues ... more info about, "Product Catalogues"

Genetic Toxicology

Moltox is the leading manufacturer of products for use in the Ames Salmonella mutagenicity test. Our culture media, tester strains, S9, cofactors and positive controls are distributed worldwide.

Bacteriological Media

Moltox has a quarter century’s experience manufacturing bacteriological media for use by industrial microbiologists and molecular biologists.

Custom Manufacturing

Many leading industrial, pharmaceutical and contract research organizations rely on Moltox for the manufacture of custom reagents and bacteriological media.

Welcome to Molecular Toxicology, Inc.

Since 1986, Moltox has been providing contract research organizations, quality control departments and drug discovery scientists with reagents, bacterial strains and metabolic activation products.

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